About Us


Delise has been in the pet industry since 1978.  

For many years, Delise owned Bardel Pet Grooming. She designed and made all of the bows for herself and her 3 groomers. She decided that she was spending to much of her time making bows and decided to start purchasing pre-made bows. After researching and buying bows from several companies, she was not satisfied with anything that was available on the market.

Delise approached her mother, Barbara, with the idea of selling her unique design of dog grooming bows. After some convincing, her mother said yes. Bardel Bows was born. Bar for Barbara and del for Delise. Our first trade show was the Atlanta Pet Fair in 1989. Our company has grown a lot since 1989. We still sell all of Delise's original designs while adding new ones on a regular basis. 

Bardel Bows have been designed by a groomer for groomers.
Delise Knight owned a grooming shop in Georgia for many years. Bardel Bows has been producing high quality hand tied dog bows for the pet grooming industry since 1989. All of our bows are produced in Georgia by professional bow makers using the highest quality materials available.

All of our bows are handmade using the highest quality latex bands.
The unique design of Bardel Bows makes application a snap.
We currently stock hundreds of different grooming bows making up collections for every season. Whether you need everyday bows, Special Holiday bows or seasonal bows. 
We have the perfect collections for your shop.

The future of Bardel Bows…

In 2022 we were approached by Boss Pet Products, Inc. They expressed an interest in purchasing Bardels and committed to carrying on our tradition of high-quality grooming accessories produced in our local community.

After researching the company and talking with other businesses about Boss Pet, we decided they were a good fit to carry Bardel Bows forward as the new owners.

We are so excited about the future of Bardel Bows and look forward to seeing where they will take the company.

We hope you will enjoy using Bardel Bows as much as Delise loved creating them!


One of our early trade-shows 

Delise showing off new designs

Delise as her alter ego - Gertie the Groomer

This is Tedi. He is the inspiration for many of our products and our Pink Poodle Logo... If you would like to read a story about Tedi Click Here