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Tedi - Our Inspiration

Sometimes the best gifts in life are the unexpected gifts.

My mother died February 7th 1993 and that was a very difficult time for
me. Later that year a friend who had known my mother said that I needed a
dog - she said it would help with my grief. She gave me a 12 week old
standard poodle (you all know him as Tedi.) I named him after the
character my mother became at the Medical Center named Medi Tedi, a bear
that helped bring smiles to children and adults alike.

Tedi was the man in my life until a Knight appeared.

I had Tedi for about 3 years when Paul & I got married and I was not sure
what Tedi would think, but he fell in love with Paul & Paul with him. They
became the best of pals. I knew that Tedi loved me, but he worshipped
Paul. Paul was the cookie man, the ball thrower, the stick tosser, the
Frisbee flyer, the early morning walker and the run through the house
partner. It was kind of like having 2 kids in the house & they loved it -
so did I.

Tedi was a great puppy, he only had one accident in the house and the only
thing he ever chewed was one book.

He was only nine months old the first time I dyed him bright pink for
Macon's Cherry Blossom Festival in 1994 and I don't think he enjoyed
anything more than being pink.  As soon as he was pink he was ready to
have his picture taken and go to all of the official events. If we walked
out the door without him he would look like he was thinking "I have to go
with you, I am Pink" He especially loved all of the children at the

During his time being the unofficial Cherry Blossom mascot, Tedi had a lot
of fun. He spent many days at Central City Park posing with everybody who
wanted a picture with him. Sometimes there we so many kids rushing up to
him you could not even see him in the crowd.

He is the only dog to visit the children's intensive care unit at the
Medical Center where he was allowed in to cheer up a 3 year old little
girl who was paralyzed and going through severe depression. Her favorite
color was pink and her doctor thought the best medicine would be visit
from Tedi. He also visited the children's hospital to help cheer up the
kids in the cancer ward with his Aunt Candi. He was amazing as he
carefully walked through the rooms stepping over all of the cords and
putting his front paws up on the bed as he spoke to the children. For a
few minutes, he made them forget where they were.

Tedi loved performing in the Children's Cherry Blossom parade. With his
Aunt Donyal by his side he would jump through the hoola hoop and the more
the kids clapped the higher he would jump.

Being pink had its perks for Tedi. He was on the Cherry Blossom Post Card,
he made to appearances on Good Morning America, he was on CNN and TBS. He
was on the front page of the Macon Telegraph many times and many other
home town newspapers across the United States. His picture was even used
as wine label. But fame never went to Tedi's head - he would always chase
a ball no matter who threw it.

The only time Tedi ever embarrassed us was the time he was invited to
appear in the Cherry Blossom fashion show. Many of you know the story
about what happened when he got a little too excited about his appearance
on the runway.

After we moved to Peach County we dyed Tedi peach for the Georgia Peach
Festival. Senator Robert Ray insisted that we take him to the State
Capitol where Tedi went on the Floor of the House and Senate. Tedi's name
was entered into the official record of Georgia. Robert Ray was very proud
of Tedi and we were proud of Robert Ray.

He was a big part of our family for the past 15 years. The births of 5
nieces and 1 nephew.

Our Nephew Austin and Tedi had a special connection. Whenever they were in
the room together, Tedi became Austin's protector. He would always lie
between Austin and everybody else in the room.

Some of Our niece Taylor's first steps were taken walking to Tedi.

Our Niece Katie thought Tedi was the smartest dog. They loved to play hide
& seek. Katie would find the best hiding spots in the house - then we
would yell, Tedi, go find her and within a few seconds he would show us
exactly where she was. Katie was always amazed and we loved it.

One of my favorite memories is when our nieces, Olivia, Alexandra and
Savannah put on their fairy wings and wanted Tedi to wear his wings also.
He loved it, anything he could do to make the girls happy.

There were a lot of special people in Tedi's life his grandparents, Paula
and Howard always referred to Tedi as there grand dog.

We traveled a lot during Tedi's life. He would go with us to all of the
grooming trade shows we drove to. He could be found in many booths because
he was a great demo dog - Andis used him to demo their clippers,
Hydrosurge gave him some great baths and the Grandaddy dryer dried him in
11 minutes or less. I think his favorite place was in the Clippervac booth
with friends, Marlene & Angie who understand how a Standard can steal your
heart. Even when the shows were real slow, Tedi kept everyone entertained
by chasing his ball up and down the isles.

When he stayed home he had special friends like Jessica, Melissa, Kathy &
Terri to take care of him and keep him company.

Tedi lived a long and happy life thanks to great doctors like Sarah Smith
in Milledgeville and Ben & Felix at Smith Animal Hospital in Fort Valley.

We lost Tedi today February 8th, 2008, almost exactly 15 years after I
lost my mother. I am not sure how I feel about that, but I do know that I
was blessed to be Tedi's mom.

Tedi was the unexpected gift from God that gave so much to not only me but
so many others as well. He will be missed.

Delise & Paul
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