Check out Delise's Hot picks for summer!

 Bardel Grooming Bows Chanel Bows are a perfect chic and understated bow. Great as a topknot Bow or off center, Perfect for customers who don’t want a lot of color.
Bardel Bows Fancy Frills are always wonderful on shorthaired breeds. Perfect for breeds that look a little more masculine and we want to give them a feminine touch. A wonderful substitution for bandannas.
Bardel Bows Llama Llama Collars, are just fun and scream summer. Perfect for your Asian fusion style cuts where you’ve cleaned the neck area. Sure to be the talk of the town.
Bardel Bows Doodlebugs are something that you can use on you male and female dogs. You guys are getting the bugs off the dogs and we’re asking you to put them back on. One thing I like about doodlebugs is you can put them anywhere, on the shoulder, rump, the collar or as a top knot Bow - Just looks like the bugs have landed.
Bardel Collar Bow Collar Bows are also perfect for the hair, I’ve always said go big or go home.
I think it’s just perfect when you do one off center, this is so cool for the hot days of summer.