Our Staff

We are so proud of our staff. We all work together to make Bardel Bows a great Company. We take pride in our work and love meeting our customers.

Delise Knight

Delise is the founder of Bardel Bows. She has been in the pet industry since 1979. She designs and implements all of the products that we carry. Delise loves to inspire groomers and make their work more prosperous and fulfilling. You will see Delise at all of the trade shows we attend.

Paul Knight
Paul is our tech guy. He handles all of the behind the scenes work on the website, computers and camera work. You will also see him at the trade shows.


Aaron Wood
Aaron is Bardel's operations manager. He handles most of the behind the scenes operations. You will meet him at the larger trade shows.

Melissa Hedgpeth
Melissa answers the phones and handles many of the office duties. You will see her at several of our larger shows.


Connie is a retired teacher and is our shipping manager.


Amber answers the phones when Melissa is not here and keeps up with our show stock. You will see her at several of our larger shows.


Taylor, our niece, is helping out in the office and working some trade shows while she is on break from college